Negative Ions & Ionizer Health Benefits

Why Use an Ionizer?

Considering the average person inhales 10,000 litres of air every 24 hours, it makes sense to think about how to improve the quality of the air around us. Inhaling the small negative ions of oxygen produced by the Elanra Ionizer helps your body to regain its own natural balance. Restoring this balance has been shown to produce many positive benefits including:

Everyone feels 'off-colour' or 'out of sorts' occasionally and we naturally want to discover the cause. Stomach upsets may pass off quickly and be forgotten. But when ailments persist, the next step is usually to seek medical advice and take something to relieve nagging symptoms.

It's important to consider that many of the problems confronting us in our everyday lives like allergies, stress, sleep disorders can be brought on by a lack of negative ions in the air we breathe.

When too many positive ions enter the bloodstream via the airways they can trigger a range of health complaints as a result of the body releasing excessive amounts of serotonin and histamine.